Comprehensive, self-management platform for your transport company.

  • 3 modules: for passengers, drivers and administrators
    A complete IT solution for your transport company
  • Online tickets sale
    Online tickets sale and integration with any payment platform
  • Management of schedules, courses and bookings
    Build schedules, generate courses and manage bookings
  • Tariff plans, price lists, discounts and additional options
    Define tarrifs, set dynamic pricing and paid options
  • Company website
    Integrate with exisitng website or create a new one
  • No entry or maintance costs
    No entry cost, money from sales goes directly to your bank account

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What is Bus-Owners?

Bus-Owners is a comprehensive IT solution for companies of any size dealing with the transport of people. The platform provides all the components necessary to conduct transport operations: search for courses, online tickets sale, building schedules, defining prices, and many more. For a complete list of functionalities, see modules description.

How much does it cost?

The launch and maintenance of the ticket sales system on the Bus-Owners platform is FREE. We take care of all technical challenges. Thanks to this, your company does not have to invest in an expensive IT system, which is hard to maintain. Money from ticket sales goes directly to your company's bank account.
Fees for using system use are calculated monthly as a small percentage of the value of tickets sold through the system. The amount of interest is negotiated individually and depends on the forecasted traffic. We offer free try-out periods.

Your company website

Bus-Owners allows simple integration with existing websites and the possibility of creating a new company website from scratch.
If your company already has a website, just embed our passenger module, which includes searching for courses and ticket sales. Our experts will advise you on how to easily integrate an existing website with our system.
If you do not have a website yet, our system allows you to create it yourself using ready-made components. Thanks to this, you will be visible in the Internet and able to sell tickets online. Of course, our team offers help whith creating your new website.


Our system consists of 3 core modules, which together build a complete IT solution for your bus company.


  • Searching for courses and connections on the carrier's website
  • Applying group and promotional discounts
  • Choosing from free and paid additional options
  • Making a reservation for a person or company
  • Buying a ticket online
  • Viewing available timetables


  • Adding stops and defining routes
  • Creating timetables for defined routes
  • Generating courses for new schedules
  • Managing courses and bookings
  • Static and dynamic price lists, statutory and group discounts
  • Additional options and vouchers
  • Cooperation with tourist agencies
  • Managing drivers and agencies


  • List of courses by driver
  • List of bookings for the current course
  • Easy contact with the passenger
  • Passenger show/no-show reporting
  • Optimized for mobile devices

Our customers say...

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"From the very beginning we have decided to partner with Bus Owners. The platform provides us with great flexibility, unavailable in any competitive solution. We change schedules and price lists ourselves, thanks to which we can react dynamically to the needs of passengers and the market.
When we started, a very important factor was the lack of initial costs - we simply could not afford large investments in IT systems.
Bus Owners is the perfect partner for us and probably for your company as well."